Notion PPV LifeOS Template

Renier Botha
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Main Features

  • 🔁 Annual, Quarterly, Monthly AND Weekly review templates
  • 🎯 OKRs + Projects and Project Milestones to plan and track weekly progress
  • 💥 Daily Action Dashboard that brings together everything that needs your attention
  • 📈 Daily habit tracker, integrated into review cycle
  • 🏋🏻 Fitness & Training databases
  • 🌴 Travel & Social Events planning system (also integrated into reviews & action dashboard)
  • …much more!!
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This template contains all the databases and dashboards required to set up your own Life OS using the Pillars Pipelines and Vaults methodology.

Review Templates
Annual, Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly review templates for effective reflection
Personal or business Objectives & Key Results with Projects and Milestones integrated
Habit Tracker
Daily habit tracker, integrated into review cycles for easy insights
Fitness & Training
Track your max reps, distance etc over exercises
Travel & Social
Plan weekends away, birthday events, international holidays


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Notion PPV LifeOS Template

1 rating